Thursday 21 November 2013


Sometimes I tend to be a little over-employed and -occupied and thus spend rather little time with my dear old friend Internet (or Nemesis, depends in how you relate to the Hello-three-o-clock-am-I-should-work--or-at-least-sleep-not-look-at-the-most-hilarious-faces-in-places-and-more-internet...). Breaks in blogging happen every now and then but when I'm really busy you can see it in my Instagram feed which becomes less frequent; sometimes even my smartphone gets something of a short vacation. (Or then not. Compare to ten ears back when I did not check my mail daily and not certainly via my phone. Or even five. Quite the change already there too).
well,, here's some of what I've been up to lately, as seen in Instagram.

Been in Turku.

For Eddi's PhD thesis he is defending here behind a flower pot.

And then got to take out my long velvet dress for his dinner. 

Then he was off to Bolivia for two weeks working and Dag and I were by ourselves.

Went back and forth from the city to the farm a couple of times. Hung lanterns in the tree in the yard over there.

Got a new manicure. The next one I'm going to do will be totally crazy because: Mistle Tease.

Sew lots of blingy thingies. 

 Hanged around with some samba queens.

Went on some adventures with Dag and his animals.

Made myself various versions of pink smoothies. 

And pink breakfasts.

And then Eddi came home and Dag got a tiny little mini poncho which he has been walking happily around in.


Anonymous said...

Dag is the cutest Bolivian ever! I miss seeing videos of him :)

Anonymous said...

Spännande med Eddies doktorsavhandling! Inom vilket ämne disputerar han?

Unknown said...

that velvet dress is so cute.. ha!!!!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anoymous : I geologi; geofysik.