Friday 24 January 2014


One advantage of living in the almost-arctic is that when it gets helluva cold it's at least easy to de-frost the freezer and fridge. One just puts all the stuff in plastic bags out to the just-as-cold balcony (or, porch or  yard whatever) and have them wait there until the frost free cleaned Smeg is up an running again, then it's back with everything in like nothing ever happened.

While emptying the frige I remembered I had saved some rhubarb juice I had made early last summer and decided that it was now or never, the absolute right time to take out the bottle and have an instant mini summer get away. It's awesome with tiny happy presents from a past self. (I wish I would be that nice to myself when it comes to other things around the house too. Like always do my books one a month instead of leaving it al in a big box for future-and-most-likely-way-more-organised me to  sort then all out.) There was another bottle of pink summery rhubarb juice in the freezer too, but that one I will save for that hopeless moment when I'm banning my head against the wall when it's still snow around  in April.

I will have the great joy of going trough the same procedure of melting and cleaning fridges in the weekend when hitting the countryside... But to make it a bit ore pleasant I know there will be another little bit of summer waiting for me there: the summer lemonade of which I had also tucked a couple of bottles of in the freezer. Smart little me!


Miss Maple said...

I've never tried rhubarb juice but I can imagine that it must be a very delicious drink. Its colour at least, this pale pink, is very nice.

Unknown said...

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Maureen said...

I had a rhubarb aperatif in Lille which was so delicious but it seems that it is not available out of the region.

I shall google how to make rhubarb juice.