Thursday 3 July 2014


The other day when it was pouring down outside I finally got around making use of some fabrics I had had waiting around for a while.

I made a teal blu combo of a stretchy poly-blend; a skirt with pleats.

And a top with small cap sleeves and a collar. (I think I will mostly wear them separately though.)

The skirt was rather easy to make per se; I made four large pleats and sew one seam + zipper in the back. It would have looked good also without the waistband, but I put one in anyway.

I also managed to Finnish off this project that I had started some weeks earlier;  a mint green (! Yey.) combo. With a stretchy skirt (pull-on, with an elastic in the waist, no zipper) and a matching top.

With an attachable peter pan collar.

That can be reversed!

Now it'd be great if I also got around wearing these... The weather is finally getting warm and sunny again so I even stand a chance. But otherwise I feel like I never have anything to wear these days, and wonder when the hell I will be able to wear everything I already have ( file as first world problem, I know...). The answer is: when I no longer have small children.

(And global warming kicks in and it's plus 20C here all year round...)


Katja said...

Good job you did! I never get those pleats. Had really hard time with a yellow combo I made, to get a kick pleat in. At the end it turned out well enough to wear but I might stay with circle skirts ;) Did you locked Dag up somewhere in the basement? :P

Andrea said...

Love the Peter Pan collar. And what a great idea to make it reversible!

Mama D said...

Lovely dress. I have a wardrobe half full of pretty dresses but with an active 4-year-old and a 2 month old the messy leggings and t-shirt look has been winning lately at lot!

karni singh said...

I like that type of collection lovely..!!

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