Sunday 27 July 2014


I came back from some business in town. And as I for once because of that was somewhat dressed up -it's around +30C here now and I mostly walk around in some old tiny gym shorts and a floppy tie top here on the farm - I thought it was time for an outfit post.

Me: I’m wearing a fancy-schamncy sundress so maybe you could take some blogphotos?
Eddi: Ok sure, why not.

Me: but no no, keep the camera the other way, portrait!
Eddi: Ok

But then one of the  cats desperately craved attention.
Me: take some pics anyway, cats equals blogpoints hehe

But then a big maddafakking spider appear along my hem
Eddi: I’m still taking pictures
Me: no, stop, stop!
(The actual photo of me freaking out when noticing it won’t make it here though, as I don’t want to flash my underwear to the whole internet.)

Then Dag dropped the watering can on my foot and I lost a chip of my toe nail at the root (more painful than you’d think).
Eddi: click click

Then Dag also wanted to pose for photos.

But in the end we kind of managed to get pictures of the dress as well.

Which is, if you wonder, an Ivana Helsinki dress.
(And which I, however bubblegum coloured and nice it may be, am thinking of perhaps selling next weekend at our Raspberry Fields second hand market -where YOU should come and shop!)


Catlee said...

you are such an inspiring person. i love your blog and the photos you take!
love, catlée

Mama D said...

The last photo is adorable. Dont't think you could top that up!

The Midnight Glamour Blog said...

Lovely outfit post! :)

The Retro Natural said...

I'm not sure what I enjoyed more, the photos or your captioning of all the verbiage! :) It's quite a lovely dress!