Saturday 19 July 2014


The day after the party we went to pick up Dag who had spent the weekend in the archipelago with my parents.

First we had some ice cream at shore.

And then we all headed back out to the island. Eddi had some sort of sailor thing going on for the day.

My sister's hubby and the dogs greeted us upon arrival at Mölandet.

My sister is about to pop at any day now.

We had some other things to celebrate as well.

Dag loves playing in the water. "Swimming" as he sees it.

Obligatoire feet-in-water picture.

And it was finally really warm!

Afternoon coffee on top of the hill.

Lilly waiting for crumbs.

I made Dag one of the oldest toys in the world. )This cow/walrus/creature had to be satisfied with only two legs instead of four though.)

And then he took an extempore afternoon nap.

I took a walk.

The garden.

And the garden from outside the gates, in the woods.

The porch on the big house.

The garden shed that's been under construction the past summers is now ready. It's mainly my sister's and her hubby's turf.

I went up to the highest point.

And got some wild strawberries.

Meanwhile Dag woke up.

Checking out some fish the others caught. Apparently fish can come off very scary as Dag started screaming in horror when he saw them.

Then my youngest sister and her fiancé arrived.

They are also having a baby. But still some time to go!

Dinner being set.

Dag has his own little table.

My brother-in-law has started a micro brewery with some of his harbour colleagues, Hopsons!

And it's pretty good!

And then it was time to head home. Here's the same view as last year, when waving goodbye.


Ava said...

It seems very blissful!
I like the composition of your photographs, by the way. I still have lots to learn, but that's half the fun I guess :)

Sara Kristiina said...

Woow, so idyllic, beautiful milieu! Dag's soo adorable.. I haven't seen any wild berries yet!

Roxy said...

It's just such a beautiful spot...i'm sure your pictures can only capture a small fraction of just how lovely it really is to be there.