Wednesday 23 July 2014


Last weekend we drove eastwards for a show we had; this summer most of our shows have been and will be in Carelia for some reason. 'Easternfinland14' as we in innovatively named it; this was 2 out of 4. This time we were performing at an outdoor event. We stayed at this jugend-style hotel.

Waiting (in proper style for the 2010's) for our ride to the venue.

After-show bubbly and red nails.
(pic from @ruskarieban)

The event took place at an island in the middle of the big river. It's deep and the current is very strong so you can't swim even though the surface looks mirror calm. Beautiful and scary, especially since it was said the water was 20m deep under the jetty we stood on. 


The hotel is just next to the steep, deep dry river bank. I remember standing on the opposite side as a kid looking at the water rushing down the waterfall when they let it out of the damm. I wish I had brought my camera but I also know I seldom have the time to take photos on gig-trips so the iphone had to do. 

On the way home we stopped at our cabin, which is just along the road, for a quick swim.

The water was warm and clear as always.

So time to jump in!

The woods were full of blueberries so we picked some around the cabin before leaving.

The berries then made it to a late night pie when I got home.

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