Thursday, 14 August 2014


Oh summer, with those warm summer days that feel like they were endless when you think back on them but in real life went by all too fast!

Summer is not over yet, by far, I hope, but school has started and Eddi's back to work and we've moved our base camp back into the city so the change towards autumn has been made already. Well, those few days when the older boys are not with us we tend to stay out at the farm anyway, but I've noticed the change in nature too - the heatwave is gone and there is something about the wind in the trees that sounds different.

But we had some ver hot and sunny weeks when the outdoors and the indoors blended - doors and windows were open all the time, the temperature around +30C every day. I did a lot of work this summer, but spent some days in between just laying around the garden doing a lot and nothing at the same time. 

Most mornings I did my work out and stretching under a blue sky.

Then we waited out the heat with Dag in the hammock chair.

We had dinner outside too, late, when the heaviest heat was over.
(The dress is now pink-and-red btw. Damn it you, red skirt for not keeping your shit - well, colour- together!)

Every now and then Dag ran around in nothing but sunscreen.

And I could wear my thin summer dresses.

This one in particular is from Love Ur Look. Me likes.

I also picked a lot of berries. It's nice when you can do that in bikinis.

This year we had a crazy amount of cherries! I've picked around 12l and there would still be as mud left but I just can't take it anymore.

The cats took it easy in the heat too.

And some flowers bravely stood in bloom until they dried away.

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Porcelina said...

Sounds like you've had a proper scorching summer, how lovely. I like the look of those berries. We've got tiny little yellow plums at the moment that we can't pick fast enough! And the courgettes are going crazy since we realised that we were supposed to pollinate them. Feels good to pick things from the garden, though I don't know what my neighbours would say if I did it in a bikini ;) P x