Wednesday 20 August 2014


Somebody apparently turned a switch and changed summer into autumn the other day. A bit sad, because I was looking forward to one last summer roadtrip this weekend; we're driving far up north east for a show at a rockabilly weekender. Well. I am however glad that I during the warm weeks came around wearing many of my clothes that otherwise don't make it out that much -this skirt is one of my favourites! I've had it for many years already; I picked it up at our family cabin in southern Carelia when I was there with my sister in 2008. It had been left there as whatever-wear.

I have some vague memories of my mother wearing it with wedges. Or then I've seen her do so in photos.

I wore it quite much once it was back with me to town! These are from 2008.

Here's me with Ina in 2009.

I almost forgot I got my hair that platinum! At this time it also had the baby pink sections in it. That was 2010.  I still dream about cotton candy hair every now and then. But then again i also kind of like having a lot of hair on my head again, and not just thin silvery locks...

The good thing with wrap-y items is that they fits you trough a few sizes... here's me on holiday wrapping my baby bump under the skirt. In early 2012.

And here's the same skirt going strong in 2014 still! I have had to mend it a few times as it once got stuck in a bike wheel and got torn and has grown thin in a few spots, I've ironed some supporting fabric on  the inside.


Porcelina said...

Beautiful skirt, and clever you for all your repairs! Nice to keep something going as long as possible when it's adored. P x

Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

Oh we were so young in 2008 :)

Anonymous said...

You have lost weight! what's your secret? I personally prefer your hair right now. So pretty!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonymous: well the 2012 was a pregnancy picture but blogger had autocorrected BUMP to NUMB. jeez :D

But otherwise, if referring to the past year, there is one answer: a more efficient and well-planned workout and lots of it!