Tuesday, 12 August 2014


 I made this skirt a week or two after Dag was born out of a piece of some leftover fabric, the kind you  you can buy by the kilo over  at the fabric shop (Eddi refereed to it as "the hipster fabric" at first.). It's a full circle skirt with an elastic waist for easy and comfy wear and of course, with huge pockets for all my small stuff I seem to be carrying around everywhere. As I naturally was bigger all over at that moment it started to feel a bit loose and floppy on after some time and I had then left it at the farm to wait for happier days as whatever-wear. But now with the constant super-sweaty weather and with the limited amount of clothes I've brought along I re-discovered it. The skirt is rather heavenly to wear; light, flowing and cool. And it goes with pretty much any coloured shoes color you could event think of!

(I got some skirt-friendly cooling wind to go along)

Plus, heels and lipstick make so many things a little better!
Alas, it's status changed back into city-skirt.

The shoes are old Vagabonds, and so are the belt and the shirt; old.


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subhshree said...

Very nice skirt for summer.