Friday 22 August 2014


I got Dag a play kitchen!

I fixed it up in town during summer while the rest were on the farm. I bought hooks and a (shower-) shelf with suction fastening to hang stuff on and make the module more like a kitchen.

Dag loves playing with it. Or in it, whichever way you prefer.

Food tasting.

I have to try it too.

Dag got the vintage tin cups and -plates from his friend Pieter in The Netherlands.
The pots and pans and soft veggies and fruits are from Ikea.

The lettuce also doubles as a football on occasion. (The feet of the chairs made great goals.)

I  guess it will be dinner time soon!


Sarah Jane said...

Ah, it's perfect. Great that you can put it in the real kitchen too

Sweetpaintedlady said...

eeep super cute and he can cook while you guy prepare meals! I wonder if I can get the veges and pots here in NZ.

MammaMia said...

He is so cute! And i love his shorts 😉

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Anonymous said...

Very good practice. Maybe the first step to one day become a famous master chef?

Unknown said...

Ah, it's ideal. Excellent that you can put it in the actual kitchen too copy of popular movie jackets