Thursday 4 December 2014


My youngest sister gave me a set of Polkka Jam pastel cat prints for my birthday (she has a history of giving me cat-tings) that I now put up in the kitchen. I've always liked Polkka Jam's prints and I had always thought of putting something on that wall so these came in handy.

The theme of the prints also serves as a nod to our other kitchen, the one in the farm house, with the rugs and wood stove and so on.

And to the cats of course. But that does not even need to be mentioned.


Deb said...

But of course ;)
Love the prints.

Sylwia VamppiV Błach said...

Cat! <3

Sarah Jane said...

I love the prints. That corner of your kitchen looks great with them against the pale pink walls and the black and pink print on the curtains

Kelly said...

I love Dag's crazy hair :)

Himanshu said...

Nice collection i love it.