Sunday 21 December 2014


Don't get frightened by the headline there - last minute is still far away. According to some at least.

After being rather late when it comes to Christmas myself (in my book at least), this weekend I've made lots of preparations,  glittered things up here and there, prepared food and gifts, bought flowers (I always by a bunch of flowers whenever the season changes) and all that. I love giving presents and prefer never to give anything that is not of any use (unless it is really really funny or really really kitsch). But there are always those who it can be hard to find nice gifts for. Apart from giving away a dinner, tickets to see a play or movie, a day together like going bowing or so or a gift card, here are a few tips and tricks for nice gifts when you are in a hurry or don't know what to give:

Anything in a jar. You may recall that I love jars. And most people have a need for them anyway. Putting something rather mundane nicely wrapped in a mason jar makes it more of a gift, even though it's a pair of classic wool socks. But you can of course stuff your jars with lots of goodies like...

...homemade gingerbread.  Or sweets - home made candy or raw candy. Or go for store bought if you are not the baking type. Or mix!

Or store bought goodies. Mix healthy and less healthy. Or salty and sweet!

Or, give away a recipe to make. Cookies for example, where the receiver ads just the fat (and eggs, if needed). Remember to add the how-to (and ingredient list) along with the gift. (Recipes with candy or dried fruit in it looks nice when jarred up. )

Fill a bowl - new, flea market find, your choice - with fresh fruit and some extra tinsel to go along.
deliver as it is or wrapped in cellophane. Or, wrap it in -

...a tote bag deluxe (with clean seams on the inside). Mke on out of nice fabric to use as wrapping and fill it with just anything, like tea or coffee. Or chocolate. You can seldom go wrong with chocolate. In my humble opinion at lest. Or sew a kitchen towel (as simple as it gets) and do the same.

Or, place those wool socks or movie theatre tickets in a nice box that can be used for storage afterwards. Two-in-one!

Or then - give a book! Because you know, books are great.

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