Monday 29 December 2014


I love winter, when it really is winter and not just brown wet mush all around. I love snow and how it can lay so light and soft on the ground and how it can sparkle so beautifully (more than any stage outfits ever can no matter how much the bling), I love the crisp cold air of winter and how and all sounds are more silent, muted by the snow that is all over. I love how it’s a bit like stepping trough the magic closet and into Naria every time you open the door. I do love it when it's winter.

The porch froze.

Except for that it takes forever to get a child dressed and it gets hot when you you’re inside the tram or the bus or a shop and it takes forever to get your car out of the snow when you a re in a hurry. And it takes forever for the snow to melt come spring; it always takes forever before winter is over and you get sick and tired of that damn jacket and those damn winterboots over and over again.

So yes, the coin always has two sides but at least the snow and the first weeks of winter are always amazing. This year, as it seemed to be a rainy Christmas like the last one also was, the snow did indeed make everything more magic when it fell and fell a week ago and turned everything so beautiful just in time for the holidays.

Dag as he fell asleep while we were on a walk in the woods.


Roxy said...

We rarely have snow where I live, so it always makes me incredibly jealous when I see your photos of beautiful winter snow every year. Hope you all had a lovely holiday!

Porcelina said...

A winter wonderland indeed! Very magical, but you're right that there's another side to it. We don't get much snow here, so I still see it more as an exciting thing rather than a chore. x