Friday 12 December 2014


Because the smartest thing to engage in in the middle of the night during a period when your to-do list is just too long, is to start "cleaning" and "organising" you computer (read: look at old photos and notes and links and perhaps, if you're lucky, manage to erase a few kb of data...)

I came upon a set of photos I took when I was at my grandmother's cabin in Souther Carelia with my sister many summers ago. A bike ride away, along a smal road, there is an abandoned farm. We used to  there every time we went out berry picking and walk around the beautiful yet spooky yard.

My sister still stops by there every summer on her raspberry-picking trips.
I have not been there since I took these photos.


Kashif Mughal said...

your plants collection is very nice

Unknown said...

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Manier said...

great picture of bags

Sylwia VamppiV Błach said...

Interesting place. It will be good place for outfit photoshoots!