Thursday 27 December 2007


So, I hope everyone had a nice holiday - and still will, because it's not totally over yet now is it.

I spent Christmas eve with at my parents with my sisters and my grandparents (I'm lucky to have all of them alive). My mother had made me nice beetroot fillets instead of ham and it made a really nice and colourful plate togehter with the purple fillets, green peas, dark prunes and the birght orange carrot patée. Yesterday I had some leftover my mom gave me together with mustard-marinated tofu. No ham or turkey in this house no!

My mom asked my grandparents to tell us some memories from their childhood Christmases. My grandmother told me about how they'd in the late twenties go to their grandparents place a bit out on the countryside and stay there for several weeks with many relatives from different sides of the family coming. Her youngest uncle, who always had his hair neatly done - and who had a fling with some cousin's cousin, oh how charming- bought records with sad and cheeszy songs and all the women cried when listening to a song about some man who had fallen for a beautiful spy's eyes and had been sent to Siberia. I can picture that moment really well, and every now and then I wish I'd been there too. I just love the mens' ( and womens too, but especially mens') style in the twenties!

On christmas day I went down to the harbour where J's ship was staying over Christmas. I spent the night there and gave him his gift that I sadly had...well, f***d up (I was printing a t-sirt but something went wrong with the textile printing paper when I applied it and the print went all-white. Well, I promised to make him a new one later...) On Boxing Day morning J drove me through the harbout to the gate in a forklift truck. That must have been quite the sight with me and my heels and red lips and all :)

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