Thursday 13 December 2007


heart-shaped lock -necklace by my friend Johanna (once again..)

Most of my Wednesday night are spent in one of the many semi-shabby rock bars just around the corner (in my part of town there is plenty of them...). This is when the weekly music quiz is held. We always compete with the same team, even though our memebrs may vary a bit from night to night. Its really fun but the questions and the songs are quite difficult. We have some beer and a lots of cigarettes. Or the other way around. We don't suck but we're not that good either. Once we were last, we've never been first, but mostly we are among the better half of the teams. At least we are mentioned on the chart for this seasons' quizzes. Maybe not that bad considering we are partly competing against rock journalists, music nerds and just otherwise pro-knowitall-bar-hangarounds. Partly, that is.

And once I'm at it with the music I might as well mention this band and their website with dancing trees and bumping cars and lots of other stuff. Dance!

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WendyB said...

I like your necklace :-)