Saturday 1 December 2007


Too much work to have time to make drawings...
No, we do not always dance like retards, we are just doing some moves from this strange clip)

...As mentioned before, I never learn and laying low is not for me. Spent a lot of money and a lot of my good health last night. But it was fun. Then I woke up very... fatigued this morning realizing that my mother and grandmother were on their way to my place for some afernoon tea and I still had the flat to clean and a pie yet to bake (but it was worse for my boyfriend who had pomised to help his friend move so he had to leave in the morning for some heavy lifting. Huh!). But, I did some quick organizing and I made a very yummy applepie and hid my hangover pretty well.

And since there has to be a little ying and yang in everything to balance things up I stayed home tonight, friday night, working hard with drawing nightgown collection for kids.

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