Saturday 29 December 2007


I'll be travelling in one of my favourite dresses;
the little gray one from Promod

So, I'm off to Amsterdam for NYE, but also to celebrate my friends houewarming party there and Anttis birthday. We'll be 11 people from three countries staying in a flat of 70 m2 (hey, why go to a hotel when you have friends at the destination ey?) so it will propably be a bit like attending a rockfestival in the summer - hour long cues to the shower, uncomfy sleeping positions, too much of partying but a hell lot of fun.

I am also the worst packer ever. First I start off with so few things I feel I can safely take some more with me and in the end I can hardly lift my bag...

Any hints of good shops in Amstedam? I haven't been there before.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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