Wednesday 19 December 2007


Some more about patterns - some patterns I've always liked and seen for my whole life (on table cloths, my grandmothers dresses, on my morning-tea cup...) are Marimekko's. I love some of the old ones from the 50's and 60's but they have a lot of new interesting patterns by new designers nowadays too.

Marimekko has been somewhat much in the media recently. I think no-one has missed the news about the coming re-launch of old patterns on clothes by H&M - I think it will be really intersting to see how it turns out, even if I, in order to avoid a christmas tree effect (heavily patterned clothes together with many colourful tattoos can be a bit over-the-top), personally prefer Marimekko designs on interior fabrics and acessories. (Another recent Markimekko issue was the Unikko pattern rip-off that Dolce Gabbana did, that for example Nanó recently wrote about.)

I also like the clothes by Mariekko's quite new designer Samu Jussi-Koski. But I'll return to that later.

(patterns to the left by Maija&Kristina Isola from 1957 and 1960, to the right from the 2000's by Anna Danielsson and Jenni Tuominen)

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