Friday 14 October 2011


Here's me early (REAL early I tell you, harbour-morning early. Only with glitter lips this time) with that other new hat of mine on my way to the morning TV show with Bettie Blackheart to talk about burlesque.

It was live and I'm doing an 18 hour day (yey!) so I haven't had the chance to see it online yet. You can view it online here for about a week: LINK
...but it will not work abroad. I know, since our god damn server here at work is across the Finnish Bay. So it won't work for me even though I goddamit am right here in Finland right now.

Well, anyway, here's me some hours later, just before sunset.

My life is all about contrasts.


Ma Cherie D said...

I love your blog :)


Frocktasia said...

Gorgeous photos, you look stunning.
Have a great weekend...x

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

LOVE that hat! I think you look just as cute in the second pic. :)

Helga said...

That's one hell of a long day! I love that your work/personal life is so different....X

Frollein von Sofa said...

pom pompom pom pompompom pompom .... pom !

translation : WOW !

Sara C. said...

UAO! Amazing pictures, they seem genuinely from another decade
have a lovely weekend
Sara C.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Sara: yes, iphone filters.

Eilidh said...

Make up is gorgeous. Love your style.