Sunday 2 October 2011


Soft Sunday music for you!
This time from the Finnish band Hurriganes, early seventies.
And yes, a small percentage of you actually do listen to and like these and even subscribe to the Spotify Soft Sunday-list - so they will keep coming :)

And funny btw, me mentioning the especially warm weather.
Not so funny anymore this morning at the farm when I, about to go to work, wearing just a cardigan and summer shoes as I had left my jacket at home, stood scraping the window of my car with the spatula, freezing my ass off. Now all of you from the more warm parts of the world that do not understand what it means I can tell you: the temperature had fallen to below zero Celcius during the night. First I thought there was just an awful lot of dew on the car, only to find out it was in fact not a thin layer of waterdrops on the windshield but frost. Normally not unusual for the time of the year, but so much for the indian summer this time.

Also seems the trees had turn red and yellow overnight, as with just a snap of the fingers. Or; a snap of cold. It was very pretty driving to work over the fields, silvery of the frost, framed by the colorful trees and with the morning sun putting it all in a nice shimmering light that is surprisingly full of contrast, althouhg the sun itself white and pale. And every time driving down a hill I was diriving trough thin veils of fog and morning mist, dirving uphill the mist rised and disappear among the trees, making one understand the old norcic folklore believes of elves dancing on the meadows and moores at dawm.

But now in the afternoon the sun is all bright and warm again; I went to pick up a doulbe ice cream during lunch break (yes god forbid I work on Sundays), toffee and strawberry topping.