Sunday 22 January 2012


Friday a week ago I was filming a short movie and this Friday we were photoshooting a teaser for a really nice project we are working on for next winter.

Lady Laverna, the jazz singer. I made her a nice60's up do by rolling a bob-shaped wig into a bun.

Tinker Bell and Laverna getting ready.

Marko shooting. He has shot a lot of things for us, like the car and the mummy shots for example.

 The theme was slightly 60's showgirl. As yu can see.
My hair has grown amazingly during my pregnancy, hehe, hasn't it?

Hair and make up by me.


Dina@VintageAdvantage said...

Fantastic makeup!

glamfrens said...

nice blog, fantastic photos... I follow you! follow me byebye

Tinker Bell said...

Oo, nice. I´m stealing some (with credits, of course). ♥

Chloe Innvaer said...

This looks just wonderful! Everything about the pictures is perfect!

danielle said...

Lovely photography.x
new blog

Nolita said...

The last photo is amazing!

Nadia said...

OMG! I loooove your blog!! I can't stop scrolling down and reading past posts! Love your style and originality :)
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