Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Well you pretty much have it there in the headline already.

The maternity dress is new, custom made for me by Senja at Belle Modeste, but we can look more at the dress later. I should be able to wear it without that big ball in front of me too.

And hey, finally, dry and warm enough for thin stockings and pumps outside!
(A woman on the street asked me how I can wear heels although heavily pregnant. My answer is: easily - and well thank you very much now mind your own f'ing business. Didn't say that last part though. But, these low-to mid steady heels are actually much more comfier for me than flat ballerinas. In case any of you were wondering too. Tudeliduu!)

((Oh, and in case you were wondering about the rest; the bag and jacket are vintage, scarf an old H&M one, shoes Vagabond and turban Manoush. It recently joined my wardrobe; a very belated Christmas gift from my friend K :) But you knew most of those from before already. The shoe story at least, right? ))


Fufuquices said...

Beautiful, beautiful, always beautiful!!!
I love your blog !!!
I am following your pregnancy
and I think you're wonderful!!!
I wish you much success always
and much joy with the arrival of baby !!!
Smacks of Brazil !!!

Sarah Jane said...

Those colours look great together. I am so into mint green and pastel colours lately. Those shoes are so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Ballerinas can seem more comfy but it is better for back and feet to have little heels. Keeping your body in right position!

Love your blog :)

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Cláudia : thank you :)

Lucy Nation : I know, one of my favorite shoes

Anonymous : yes, that's correct!
Too flat shoes don't give enough support either. For the ballerinas I got I bought these half-soles, to put under the heel to soften the step. It helps a little.

Piia said...

I really love your scarf too!

Emma Powick said...

Love the outfit especially that scarf. Where did u get it? x

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Piia & Emma : oh yes, forgot to add it. It's H&M from one or two years back.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Loving the pop of mint.

GeekGirl said...

Love the dress. Looks stunning on you!

Macska said...

Seeing you in high heels is lovely and a bit inspiring as well. I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and have been dreading when I have to give up my high heels since all the pregnancy advice tells me I should. I think I'll follow your example instead and just keep wearing them. :-)

Lucia said...

Oh, I had those in red but I had to sell them. 37 was a bit too tight and 38 was too big and flied off my feet :( Really a pity cos they are so beautiful!

GinCherry said...

You look as good as always :) And these shoes are gorgeous. I'm just wondering - do they have them in black?

Karin said...

du ser knappt gravid ut i den klänningen! inte för jag vet om det är en komplimang eller vad... kanske mer en komplimang till en otroligt välsydd och vacker klänning?

MIA FRIDA said...

And now the same Motive in front of your Fridge, please! :)

Btw: did anyone write yet - somehow you look like you could appear serving drinks on a Plane in the 50s now, haha.

wholesale coogi said...

Wow! What a fabulous dress is this. I love your outfit and that shoes looks cool. Thanks for sharing.