Sunday 8 April 2012


Last weekend I was in Milan, as you know.

 It was very warm and springy.
I had a huge dilemma with weather to bring my camera and lenses (as in fit it in my luggage for the plane) or not or just rely on my iPhone, as I still had an itch that I might not take that many pics.
Well, I took it with me. And I hardly took any pics in the end :P

Another thing I didn't do was buy shoes! Which is almost a crime considering al the nice heels there were to be found (the others bought several pairs, sniff. But I alwyas become so sensible abroad and seldom shop. Plus my feet were aching and all that blah. And I was betweem sizes. Sniff again). 

 But one thing I did do was eat a lot of gelato instead! Oh yes.

But we didn't head over there for sights or shopping; most of our time was spent at a theatre as we were there performing! I only snapped some pictures from the first night though, as I apparently like to drag my camera along in vain... Good thing there are others snapping great shots  instead.

Skeletons in progress! 
Btw those lashes in the pic are not for the upper lashes, nooooh, way too tiny! They go beneath the eye :)


Scary skeletons dressed in red after the first show.


Unknown said...

Du vackra stad. Du vackra kvinna. ^ ^

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Wow! Check out that makeup. It's amazing. You ladies are so creative.

I just love that you don't let being pregnant stand in your way of doing anything you want to do.

That is almost a crime - being in Italy and not buying shoes. Do you reckon your feet will go bak to the same size? I am terrified as I hear some people's feet change size, what about my shoe collection? I'dbe stuffed!

Hope you had a great Easter.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Miss Tallulah Porkchop : But my feet haven't swollen up all that much (yet)! Which is almost a disappointement as I have a pair of wedges that are a little big bought with my pregnancy in mind that I can't use since they haven't grown :D I am just often normally in between sizes and apparently exactly in between italian sizes. My feet do ache a lot more and easily, so let's see how it goes now during the last months...For most the foot still goes back to normal afterwards so if mine swell I hop that will be the case :)