Saturday 21 April 2012


You know the feeling when you've wanted something but were too slow and then and can't get it because it's not being sold anymore? But then you still manage to get a hold of it (or something jsut as good) and you almost feel proud of yourself?

I wanted these light blue gingham storage coffins for my extra clothing (and also, with a future baby in mind) after spotting them in Etola (home ware store) over a year ago.  And I thoght about it a lot but before I ever got to it they were sold out. It really bugged me but some time ago I however managed to find a few small ones left over in the back of a shelf! Then I took turns in the other Etola-stores to find more - and I found a last huge one too! They'll be for the baby's stuff.
(But right now the big one is full of MY stuff anyways; summer clothing and dresses I don't wear anymore but still do not want to get rid off* )

And don't go all "oh you're having a boy!" just because they're blue :)
As I said I wanted these before the baby already...

Otherwise I haven't really bought anything for The Baby yet, mostly because
1. It feels strange buying clothing for someone I haven't met
2. People will bring the baby lots of stuff anyway
3. Babies grow quite fast and this one will be born in summer so no need for a lot of size 52 items...
and most of all
4. All expecting mothers in Finland get a package with a lot of basic items for a newborn; bodies, tops, overalls, bonnets, lotions etc. It's pretty great!

Of course we'll need to get some other practical stuff like strollers, a bed etc. But while I know some people get all that halfway trough pregnancy already we haven't had the time nor hurry with it yet. But now with two months left and me off work I can start preparing in more practical ways.

However, I actually have some baby stuff to put in the boxes now - I bought two baby bodies as I almost felt obliged to get something and came across some cute prints.

You can never go wrong with anchors or monkeys. Monkeys!

*) Those I however am getting rid of can soon be found on my sales blog, I put some things up already. And, tomorrow -Sunday - K and I will be selling on Vanha's flea market from nine 'til three! Mostly plain stuff but I have some goodies along there too! Like these jackets here: 1,2,3 or this dress for example: 4 !


Rockabilly Redhead said...

Ooooh, I looooveeeeeee the blue jacket! I have a thing for bows, especially on the back! Oh how I wish I lived somewhere nearby so I could come over!

Good luck and lots of fun tomorrow!

Roxy said...

Aww I always liked jacket # 1 and 4 on you. I'm almost a lil sad seeing them go :(

Good luck with your sale tomorrow!

Malayka said...

Oh those suitcases are beautiful!! Ha ha I love how different people are about their babies and preparing for them. I'm not a crazy baby person BUT I may have a little bag full of some beautiful kiddo vintage dresses... just in case! ;)

Jax said...

These are so pretty! I would leave them out as accents to a room.

Grace Fashion Blog said...

Oh! ilove it!

Unknown said...

Gud så fina lådor!
skulle behöva så där fin förvaring till mina syprylar ^^

Ninofu said...

I like how you keep calm while waiting for your baby! It changes from so many expecting mothers who are running everywhere.

BlueMoonDame said...

Wait wait wait. The government sends expecting mothers stuff for the kid?!!?

Mrs Munster said...

I wish I had lived back home when expecting my lil one for the Kela package. All I got here was £90 to make sure I ate healthy food whilst preggies (England is funny country...) Cute bodys! Tutta does such lovely retro print clothes.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Roxy : well no 1 didn't go so I think I'll out it up on the blog! I've grown too broad in the ribs and shoulders for it...

Dahsfield Vintage : But THAT'S normal! I was more likley to get baby stuff before I was pregnant :D Or, I only got a pair of sneakers many years ago since they were so cute. I let the cats play with them after a while :) Put cat nip in them.

Blue Moon Dame : YES! Or, it's trough the government (the people's pension/retirement institution or something like that when translated) but I think it's partly sponsored from one manufacturer. But everyone gets it! it's really great.

Mrs Munster : eh, yes, 90 puonds wil get you really far during nine months with healt foods... :)

Sew Ducky said...

I had mine 6 months ago, and she was a little over 2 months early. We had very little for her. You find you'll get what you need at the last minute.

We got a lot of things for her from the hospital because she was so early, from clothes and diapers to food and blankets. And a lot of people donate to the NICU and wound up coming home from the 2 trips to the hospital with her with enough items it make the first few months easy. (And she's a little on the big size now.)