Tuesday 17 April 2012


I totally love the movie Jon & Mary with Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow from 1969.
If you manage to find it somewhere out there on the web-or elsewhere- then see it!

Many many years ago I stumbled across it half way in on TV and it always bugged me not seeing it completely nor knowing which movie it was.At some point some time later I managed to see the whole movie (I had probably just learned to google and type 'farrow+hoffman+movie' or so to find the name... I think I managed to rent it or so then). It's not considered a great movie per se, but I like the atmosphere and dialogue in it.  Now all of this this was a long time ago (maybe even the in the nineties), but I remembered thinking back then that it was funny that people in an "old movie" could talk and act just like we do today. Considered somewhat daring and controversial back when it was made (they have had casual sex already before the movie has started-oh my) although for today it is pretty laid back.


Kelly said...

Heh, I like the idea of 'this is what I'm saying out loud' but 'this is what I really mean'! It's so like that when you meet new people, you have to say the polite thing, not the true thing! Very strange when you think about it!

Diva said...

I know its been ages since I visited, so please excuse my belated excitement - CONGRATS to soon becoming a mother!! Good luck!