Monday 23 April 2012


As many ladies (supposedly) have, I too have a lot of my closet space being occupied by The Box (and also, The Ikea Bag). You know, the box where old and not-so-old-but-unwanted clothes go to die. Although the official function of the contents in  The Box is to "sell them online or on the flea market". I haven't been to the flea market in ages, really, years. Last time I went it was summer and I sold at the big outdoor flea market. I had ironed every single piece I sold and about half an hour after the market opened  the rain started pouring down, everything got wet and wrinkly and some stuff molded in boxes and plastic bags while waiting for me to unpack them (needles to say, the motivation for that was low). Now I had decided that most of the content in The Box will just be donated to charity, just to get rid of it. But I actually ended up giving it one shot at a thrift market yesterday.
I have so much stuff it's actually pretty scary. And, from reading other blogs, I know I'm not alone.
(To my defense -if such a one is needed, one can always blame society - I do donate  a lot more money each month to charity than I put on clothing.)

You know another thing about those bags and boxes of forgotten stuff? Sometimes when I take it down from the cupboard to add something in it I notice old pieces that are "actually pretty nice" and take them back out. Usually to be put back in the next time the box comes out. Perpetuum mobile.

But now, The Box is actually gone! I have space in my closet again! What I did not sell I'm taking to the charity store this week. (You know, those kiddos that made my chain store cardigans can soon be wearing them themselves! The circle closes). The good stuff though to be saved for The Freelancer's Sales Blog though.

Perhaps inspired by the old stuff I yesterday dressed in a way I feel I haven't dressed for years. You know, style changes back and forth and in new directions constantly, or at least varies, without noticing it oneself (unless you are a teenager and go drastically from one thing to another. But now I'm talking about personal style and not teenage phazes). I'm more more casual and less puffy sleeves and bows nowadays.

This blouse has been close to entering The Box many times but as it actually is quite comfy it has been spared. It's also quite loos so it now serves as a maternity blouse.

But the shoes. Remember these wedges? The altered bowed circus wedges!
They were ready to go already as I never really wore them for some reason but while I was packing for the flea market I noticed they are actually pretty cute, and also, should work as maternity shoes. So they made a leap from The Box onto my feet. At the market I changed my mind again and put them on the table to sell them (and put a pair of fifties suede low heels away from the table and on to my feet instead) only to change my mind and put them back on.

But then I remembered why they were in The Box in the first place.
They are too big for me!

(So they will be up for sale soon over at that other blog of mine)

You do know this whole post is just one big first world issue.
Here are some more first world issues for you:
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Rockabilly Redhead said...

I really like your hair in these pictures! You look really cute!

I was just wondering if you sold the blue jacket with the bow from your previous post. If not, would you consider selling it to me? Thank you.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Rockabilly Redhead : Oh no yes I sold it I'm afraid :/

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

(I almsot regret it you know. But I would've sold it to you anyways...)

MiadollMakeup said...

I'm Digging the whole 1950's pin up look yet your a mommy to be ! it's so toned down with the black stockings and i like it better that way rather than having bare legs :)

Rockabilly Redhead said...

It's okay. Thank you so much for thinking about me anyway!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You look SO CUTE. This is exactly how I want to look when I am pregnant.

And I am adoring your hair right now. I wish I had hair-skills.

I have a dressing ROOM. That is an entire room dedicated to hats, bags, shoes, jewellery, hats etc etc. I tell my other half I'm a "collector" which makes it sound better than a clothes-hoarder. I have so much crap it is insane. It seems silly to give away so much money's worth of clothes, but the effoirt it takes to go to a market is overhwleming - so the pile grows and grows.

Nika Chick said...

It's great you still can find time for yourself to be so goodlooking :)

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Miadoll Makeup : thanks, And it's too cold for bare legs here anyway :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop : As I have it shorter right now I find it a bit hard to pincurl, but here I just had it rolled in as big pincurls my short hair could manage. I rolled them all towards the face.

Nika Chick : thank you. Bt anything else is out of the question. I mean, the more tired or so one feels, the more the reason to do hair and make up and dress up!

Fashables said...

Really loving your look in these shots. I'm not sure if it's the red, the tattoo... or simply that you are pregnant. Great stuff.


Diva said...

I know this is late... But wishing you all the best with your baby!