Monday 21 May 2012


Hello form the sunshine! Today I've been hanging out in the meadow outside our building. Because it is finally warm, you know, as in not just a little warm but warm as in for real this time.

I had Spanish cheesecake or -curd or what you would call it, with fresh blueberries and some cherry jam.

And read old magazines and did my nails. In coral.

And took out my sandals!  I figured my Hasbeens'd be steady and good pregnancy shoes, although they are the "sky high"-ones. So far so good.

It struck me that it was pretty much exactly two years ago that I was sitting here on the meadow on a similar warm day like this, enjoying the sun before going to renovate our flat-to-be. Time flies!
(Although, you know when something feels like just yesterday and in the same time like an eternity ago? That time is a bit like that.)

I remember being in the same meadow with my grandparents; my grandfather took us swimming from the rocks a little further away. He'd just sit and wait, he never went in the water. And in some winters someone used to make these big snow sculptures of animals in the meadow; whales and octopuses and icebears that they'd spray with water to turn icy and hard. We'd go there with my grandmother. And you could go inside them and play and they had slides to go down along, along their tentacles and tails and so on. And I remember they used to paint part of the snow too, like the eyes and faces of the animals. But that was really a very very long time ago.


Zoë Winters said...

How lovely! I am hoping some of that heat will drift over to Scotland soon!? haha! As if! Enjoy it! :)

Fufuquices said...

Honey, summer is coming to you and for us it is the turn of winter!
Beautiful pictures!
Ah, childhood memories are a precious treasure!
And it seems that time has passed so quickly ...
Oh, I hope your visit on my blog !
Kisses and a beautiful summer for you!

GinCherry said...

I've never noticed that you had your lip pierced :) and It seems that you have a great time at the moment :)

Oh, and I still thinking about hasbeens. I have clogs from clarks, but the sole isn from rubber so I'm just wondering are the wooden ones comfy?

sewa mobil jakarta said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Anna Jackland said...

That lip color is lovely! Could you post what shade and brand that is! So is your sun glasses. Goes so well with your pale dainty look! Thanks for this post! It feel so SRING!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Gin Cherry: yes they are!

Anna : I'm only wearing tinted lip balm in the picture (soft pink shade, by ACO). The sunglasses are Haga Eyewear from a few years back.

Anh | Feminine 23 said...

Love your shades and the pin-up hairdo :)