Wednesday 12 September 2012


I made jam of apples and rowan berries form the garden!
Although often keen on it, I've never used rowan berries in cooking or jam before. Not that I've actually ever made that much jam myself before either. I've often felt bad about the fruit and berries just going to waste, but I've never had the time to do anything about it. This year, as you may notice, I've finally managed to get a lot of cooking done - jams, mash, juice. Actually turns out it was also rather easy to do once getting started.

But. The thing is that I don't normally even eat that much jam, as I try to avoid sneaky sugars (you know, if I am about to consume a lot of sugar it may as well just be all Boom! at once in the form of a cake or so).

The other thing is once I now have these jams I'm not really sure when to even consume them. You know, not wanting to just make them and eat them all up at once, but rather just enjoy having the fridge full of them. Getting greedy. Hello first world issues!

But then again all lifestyle &  fashion blogs and such pretty much have one big First World label on them anyways.

So, maybe it's good to remember not everyone has their fridges full of luxury jam or chill and do ebay vintage finds at nigh, very few do in the end:  The annual Operation Hunger Day(s) is organized September 13-15, when you can see the familiar Red Cross boxes around town collecting money for charity. This year the Finnish Red Cross has a tool to help bloggers and sites be part of the fundraising. I set up my Piggy Bank here. You can also see a benner for it in my sidebar.  Otherwise you can donate straight to the Red Cross catastrophe fund by bank; Finns also by telephone or SMS; info can be found HEREYou can participate with as little or much as you want; a few cents already gets one portion of vaccine or water for example, five euros a blanket. I just spent 170 euros on my son's name cake (bakery cakes aren't cheap), that gives half a ton of millets, or ten mother-care packages. Something to think about.
Good night!

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Katja said...

Very 'house-wife-like'! And you can use them as a gift. Got some prunejam from an aunt last week :)