Friday 14 September 2012


I have a new jacket for autumn, one that should go with basically everything, any time: a classic mac. ...which I actually got as a present! After my little first world dilemma of having a cute but oh-so-unpractical-for -Finnish-weather cape while having sold away my old trench coat I was sent this coat instead. It came from the chaps over at a store called Big Dude's Clothing, and in return I was asked to give them some commets on their site from a woman's point of view. Ummm yes please and merci beaucoup.

(The coat is from asos and that's Dag's little apple-tree to be in the background in case you were wondering.)

Also a little FYI - I'm having a new give away! Not here this time though, but via my FB page. One of you (or, well, one of you who like the page, and page likers only) will win a set of natural luxury hair products from a brand called EVOLVh!  The giveaway goes on until Sunday evening. If there is enough interest there will be more frequent giveaways, exclusive to my likers. Free stuff! Yey! So, if you want to enter and have not come to reason and liked my page yet you still have time, do it here: Freelancer's Fashion Blog Sweepstakes  :)
(PS. I am not paid or sponsored to host these giveaways. I just do it because I think it's fun to be able to offer people a chance to win something nice!)


Henna X. said...

you're so beautiful :) love the jacket.

(Retro) Sonja said...

Lovely coat! And also very pretty shoes!


rossirkle said...

Your style is sososo amazing love it!

Rene-Rose said...

I love your vintage classic style, keep it coming please :)