Wednesday 26 September 2012


I had almost forgotten I had this little series going on, about my tattoos and about tattoos in general.
The first posts were, a part from my pieces, about pain and about tattoos in general.
This post however is just about a ship and a monkey. Or well, monkeys.

My left arm turned out to be the sea-themed arm; it's all abut sailor hats and ships there. Not that it is that visible, but when spotted many ask me what ship that is, or why I have a ship. Well - I've been working with freight and ships for over a decade, so hence. Although, this is a container ship while I have been working with ro-ro cargo. You either know what that means or then you don't. But it's not s important here. This is the only one I did not draw myself; it was originally drawn by my former fiance, who was a seaman. And at the time worked at a container ship.

The monkey one you may remember as it is as new as from last year. And you know I totally love monkeys. I once saw this strange outdoor monkey circus where the unfortunate monkeys were biking in a circle in length order -smallest first and the biggest last- to the tunes of Black Magic Woman and more lucky, wild monkeys were watching them from the trees around. Then one monkey accidentally biked a little too fast so their order got fucked up and they all totally freaked out and started going faster and faster and Santana kept on playing in the background. It was very absurd and very very wrong. Needless to say, this did not happen in this part of the world.

But anyway, back to my monkey. Which was one of my oldest toys. The name of the monkey was -or, sorry, is- Plyti. Plyti Apan. Apan means monkey, so it's the Plyti Monkey. I don't know how I came up with that name really. I know I didn't like it all that much as a kid because it's face was kind of scary. I was never that much for stuffed animals or dolls in the first place, but  I still had Plyti on my bed. It's the only toy I've kept since childhood and it's still somewhere here to be found in the mess of my bedroom. 


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oh, oh - are you getting one to respresent Dag? :)

Look at those heavenly paws in the background of the pic. :)


Morgane said...

Yey! I know what Ro-Ro cargo means!

Vanessa said...

I really want to have that tattoo too...