Monday 3 September 2012


Ahahahahaha: A blast from the past!

From the early 00's, at least ten years back. I remember we took these at a photo course when I was studying. About first time I ever used a digital camera I think.

I've been trying to clean some files on my computer - a dreary task that does not go so well as it is both boring and interesting at the same time; I start browsing trough old stuff that I find. I have no idea how I have these pictures at my computer, as I did not get one myself before 2005. I must have copied them from a CD.  Hahahah, again. (But then again, there are even some works that I saved on diskettes, floppy disks, way way back...)

I also remember, when starting my studies, reading a sign in the computer room saying "remember to clean your working space when leaving" and thinking of it as the actual working desk, not desk top. Hahahaha one more time.

But of course, none of this was funny back then.


Kelly said...

is that a PERM?? can I hear another haha? ;)

Anonymous said...

It's OK we all make hair mistakes ;-) hahahaha so glad those times aren't coming back (I say it for myself)

Lucia said...

You look much better now days, but I must says you have not aged at all in 12years or so! Really! Unbelievable!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Kelly : It's actually an outgrown perm! I had spiral curls made from '97 until about that time the photo was taken. Although, when the curls were new, they were actually quite nice in their own way, very big and impressive, almost like an afro :) I sometimes washed then with salt water and did not brush my hair and had some dreads... the late nineties you know. Haha one more time.

Lucia : thanks, I do look pretty much the same. But there is a difference that is u n-avoidable, amd it's the skin, at least on close up. Sigh, but, that's life!

Kara McKenzie said...

You look so much like Charlize Theron in this photo. I think it's great, hair and all!