Saturday 12 January 2013


Our little Best Of 2012-competition is over and the winner of that one is Rockabilly Redhead!
(Her fav was the belly triptych.)

 She will receive a vintage toiletry bag I picked up at Hoochie Mama Jane.

Plus a jar of my coco-cocoa balm (an updated version of this balm).

Have a great weekend all of you!


Rockabilly Redhead said...

Oh wow, that's me! I had to read the sentence three times before it actually sank in.

The toiletry bag is gorgeous! And I'm sooo curious about the balm!

Thank you so much! I'll send you an email!

Helen Le Caplain said...

What a gorgeous print bag - congrats Rockabilly Redhead!

Unknown said...


Patricia G. said...

Very nice!!!!

Abhijeet Kumar said...

very nice vintage toiletry bag and blog also.......
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