Sunday 5 May 2013


I'm rather boring when it comes to ever doing anything more to may nails than painting them in a few different shades of red, sometimes perhaps pink or coral. A few days ago I spotted a video where someone painted her nails in five descending shades of nude and got inspired to do something similar with the polishes I had at home. Needless to say, I don't have five shades of matching beige-ish polish, so I went for a pink version. Fun.


tanïa said...

Oh, I like that! This is a lovely alternative to red, red and red (even if I won't stop loving red nails)!

As you are a Burlesque dance, may I invite you to visit my "Burlesque" drawing challenge this week? Maybe you like to see various wonderful drawings, paintings and artwork on this theme? I'm sure, you'll like it!

Happy pink week-end!

Anonymous said...

I love pink nails!!
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Tori said...

Oh what a cool idea. I like how you used colours that are in the same family of colours but not just slight differences in colour. Will definitely be trying this!

Love your stuff!


Miss Soler said...

I love your style!

Anonymous said...
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