Sunday 18 August 2013


If you still haven't decided what to do today, or if you have -which most likely then includes the restaurant day - then pop by our Raspberry Fields for some shopping and sweets right now! Or, soon. We are throwing an open house day at our studio with a burlesque flea market again, but this time as part of Ravintolapäivä (Restaurant Day) too!

I've made some raw raspberry pastries. There will be other raspberry-themed delights too; raw fudge, raspberry cupcakes and raspberry smoothies, and more. Bring cash and coins!

We'll also have some handmade burlesqye-y stuff. The other teams of Raspberry Fields are there as well, so there will be something if your into belly dance as well, for example.

As well as clothes and other items. I'm selling some wigs and a few items I've cleaned out of my closet, some Tara Starlet, some vintage and somethien out of my blast from the past bag. For those who know, we're talking Dekadez anno 1997 :D

We're att Vattuniemenkatu/Hallonnäsgatan 15 and open from 12-15.

Ps. If you are going to move around a bit more during the day you should so pop by the Restaurant Day stop at Hagalunds Gård, the old Tapiola mansion. It's such a beautiful old set of houses hidden in the technology village 10min away from the city centre with bus.

Ps2. Is there a pop-up restaurant near you? Check.

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