Sunday, 11 August 2013


When it comes to cosmetics I, which most of you know, use mainly all-natural, organic products. I'm not absolute with it, I have some lipsticks and polishes that are chemical i.e. conventional products. But when it comes to skincare I am more strict and try to keep it as simple and natural as possible. Once you go natural it's hard to go back... The skin is our biggest organ so it's worth thinking about what we rub and scrub into it, right? So, most of what you can put into your mouth and have your body digest you can also feed your skin!

Many of the simplest and best - and also, in the end, most affordable- skin care products one can use are the ones that are easily made from what you have in your kitchen. I've always tried out different home remedies, also before I was paying any thought to what my cosmetics are made of, but now it jsut makes more sense than before.

Body scrubs are very easy to make youself, you basically just need oil and sugar. You can use any oil you like; I use olive oil, but coconut or sunflower oil for example works just as well (or, a mixture of those). I make mine with coffee grounds as the caffeine sets the blood circulation going and is said to thus tighten the skin.

Mix about 50/50 of the oil and sugar with a few spoons of coffee and then add sugar until the consistence feels nice. Mix with a spoon or spatula and that's it!

You won't need to use a moisturizer after this treatment as the oil will leave your skin smooth (and well oiled in..) .

You can store your scrub with a lid on, preferably in the fridge.

For variation you can use raw cocoa powder instead of the coffee. Or, a few drops of essential oil.
You can also switch about half of your sugar for sea salt. Put in a few drops of peppermint or lavender and you get a nice foot scrub.

For my face I use milder scrubs with smaller, softer grains than sugar. But we can look into that some other time.


Miss Maple said...

Dear Ulrika, I like your idea of a body scrub made of sugar and oil (and coffee). I think that must be a nice scent too. I'm going to try that next time. Thank you for sharing your idea!

Lucy said...

This is a great tip! thank you!

Hansumari said...

A follow up tip: Next time when making coffee, take the coffee grounds afterwards (make sure it is not hot anymore, a bit warm would be optimal), rub in your hands and rinse. You will have the softest hands ever. Especially good if you have dry skin. And ecological as usually the used coffee ground is just thrown away.

Believe me, better than any hand moisturizer I have ever used.

Anonymous said...

What a good idea! Will it get rid of my cellulite?

This looks like a root beer snow cone, but I bet it doesn't taste as good.

Life of Mabel

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Hansumari: Great! WIll try it. I think I read something similar online, that you could also use the used coffee grounds in the scrub too!

Mabel : well, it is said coffeine in scrubs reduce cellulite so it can't make it worse I guess :D

Mademoiselle Maladroite said...

Thank you for the nice tip. I hope you'll post organic beauty secrets more often, as I'm really interested.

Anonymous said...

Now this is a silly question, but what do you do with the body scrub once you've - well - done scrubbing yourself? Do you wipe or shower it off or what? Won't it clog the drains if you shower it off? Love the idea though!


The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Salla : I just rinse it off with water. It is still quite small amounts in the end anyway, sugar melts in water and the kitchen sink has to go trough more anyway I think, so I am not worried :)