Thursday, 29 August 2013


 You may remember we have a study in the city apartement. This is the way it should look like.

Unfortunately, here's how it most often looks tough; a mess of papers, unpacked bags from shows, launrdy drying and stuff stuffed away from elsewhere on their way to somewhere:
The mess room, ehrm...

Well this will all change when all of this magically disappears and we turn this into Dag's room! He has been sleeping in or bedroom so far. I've never bee that interested in interiors for kids rooms until now, well, naturally, but before the thought of loosing the study was a bit sad, now I'm eager on building kids' stuff in here!

The only question here is where the hell will I dry my laundry from now on?


Anonymous said...

I feel a whole lot better about our 'messy room', which invariably has my own drying rack with my handwashed things set up and other misc., stuff in it. I can't tidy our messy room much as my partner's music things are in there, oh and my shoe collection. I'm sure your little guy won't mind mummy's nice things drying in his room some days, while he's little at least! I spied your Moomintroll book in your bookcase. I have the same copy. I used to stay home from school 'sick' to read that book : ) Justine

Claire said...

Such a lot of pleasure to get that perfect room ready for your kids! I'd forgotten about all that now mine are so grown up, but yep, probably the most fun you can have decorating I reckon! Look forward to see what you will create in their for Dag!

juxtapose nz said...

Another light fixture I love! Bit obsessed with them at the moment - my partner and I are renovate our living room soon, so we're gathering ideas for a feature lighting piece.