Thursday, 1 August 2013

JULY 31st

Because I'm in vacation mode I will let Instagram do this post for me.

 Today we went on a day trip to visit my parents at their summer stay in the archipelago home.

 A little by-the-way but here's where my iPhone wemt bathing earlier summer.

Yet another angle of my grandparent's house.

Walking to the garden.

The small guest house shed in the garden is pretty much ready now and mainluy occupied by my sister and her fiancé. (Funn,y I posted about it being built one year ago exactly...)

And here's a little Eddi & Dag parade:

Eddi and Dag eating berries.

Eddi and Dag about to go home. 

 Eddi and Dag leaving.

And here's a majestic harbor view to end the day.
Good night!


Nini said...

Great pictures! I want to have a summerhouse in Finland always seem to have so much fun! Enjoy your holidays!

Nazish said...

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