Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Stuff I did today.
Had a watermelon-strawberry-apple-spirulina smoothie and some lentil tapenade sandwhiches for breakfast. I've posted the tapenade recipe here before at some point but here's a quickie: squish together 2 parts cooked green lentils and one part green olives, lots of garlic, an optional chopped onion, a little salt and pepper, oil and a lot of vinegar (or balsamico). Done!

Drove in to town over to our studio for some of hours of rehearsing. 

(Of which half of the time of course looked like this :)

Next stop: the post office to pick up some parcels I've recieved. (Autumn is my season for renewal and stocking up but it's not like I've been shopping like crazy here; the ones I picked up today I received as gifts/samples/collaborations.)

Meanwhile back in the countryside.
The cows are back on their spot opposite of our window. They have been eating elsewhere for the past month.

Dag and I were checking them out for a while. Very exciting.

Then I ended my day with some h ours of computeering (work, actually) and a big bowl of whipped semolina berry porridge,  as classic dish over here which is called just that; whipped porridge.


Tatyana said...

I love your blog! I have a daughter myself and love how fashinable mum inclsude their little ones in the blog! They inspire us so much and they're too cute anyway to leave them out of the shots!!! Love it! :)

Roxie Roulette said...

Wow! Look at your leg! Wish I could do that in heels aha!

Dag is such a beautiful boy!

Landgirl said...

Just ran into the kitchen to try the tapenade, I have a thing for green lentils they are lovely and so good for you. I put added olive tapenade rather than actual olives, and it's very very nice. Thanksx