Tuesday 24 December 2013


Well you know me. I like it if it has pockets, or if it's on wheels. And, there's a third thing: jars. Jars are awesome because you can put stuff in them. Which is indeed what they are intended and were invented for (said with a Sherlock-ish voice).

You may recall me using jars as a packing for gifts, both edible and non-edible, some Christmases ago. Or the cookie gift jars; you can add the ingredients for a recipe in the jar, like cookies, and write the how-to on a card.  The cookies can then, once baked, also be stored in the jars. This year I'll be making some of those go baking-jars as a present to families with kids, but also filling some up with dried fruit and chocolates. It's an easy gift in you are in a hurry, or if you don't know what else to give to someone who has everything. (*Last minute advice*)

I went over to the big furniture house from our western neighbour, because they have tie right kind of nice jars. My suggestion is to use jars of one litre, but they were out of those and only had small ones of 1,5L left. It's nice with big jars though. But they do eat a lot of stuff so be sure to get enough filling!

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GinCherry said...

Oj. I just love love love jars :) This year i bought some jars in green and blue colour, filled them with chocolates, tied red ribbon with card and gave them to my workmates on Christmas :)

Cosy Christmas for you and your famlily xxx