Wednesday 11 December 2013


It's on-off cold so I'm layering with on-off knits. Easy to add on, easy to take off.

The sweater is from Indiska, the dress the Jenny jersey knit from Trashy diva and the cardigan is an oldie. Socks and stockings from Lindex, if someone wants to know.

I need to get a new pair of boots for winter but so far no luck. Not too fancy but a little chunky and not too bulky but still graceful, not too shiny but not suede-like and not too high nor not too low on the leg and with just the right height on the heel, and warm and keep water out. And yes that shouldn't really be to hard but somehow it still is. Heh.

A little PS. for my Finnish readers. If you do any Christmas -or winter shoe- shopping online remember to check out, sign up and do it via my affiliate - it's a win win situation (for you and me ;) Alennusta jokaisesta nettiostoksestasi Ostohyvityksestä. Siitä vaan sitten shoppailemaan!

And PS2. for everyone. There are worse problems than not finding the perfect winter boots though. And as we are in the season of spending why not donate a little something (or a lot, if you want and can) to those who need it. My Red Cross fundraising box is still up until the end of the year and can be found just on your right in the side bar. Or trough here: Red Cross donation
I am so happy to see so many have donated this year!


Unknown said...
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Sylwia VamppiV Błach said...

Really nice outfit and photos!

Maureen said...

Boots, don't get me started on boots! I have thin calves, last year I must have tried on dozens of pairs all of which flap around my legs.

I gave up and bought some Fly boots which are quite short - not bad for an old girl!

Unknown said...

lovely skirt!!!


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Unknown said...

so… pretty!

Katja said...

I have my moonboots waiting for snow already ;) Goodluck with finding that one perfect shoe/ boot!

Anonymous said...

I found the perfect boots this year. They come fron Zalando, the brand is "Zign". I don't know if they 'll work for Finnish winter, but for French winter they are just fine. They are very comfy!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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