Tuesday 17 December 2013


Last Saturday we had our Yuletide Burlesque Revue that was planned and produced by The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies, which is Tinker Bell and I. It was the first ever event we produced totally ourselves (even though Bittyfest three years back was our creation too, although backed up by Fullsteam). Apart from all the other things we have going on we put down a lot of time one this one too, an event which originally was thought of to be more of a club but turned into a whole night's show of spectacularity in the end. The last weeks before consisted of quite many working until 4am nights, but it was worth it and awesome and sold out a week in advance!

Considering that I perform burlesque weekly, and during this time of season several times a week, I post rather little about it here in the end! So this time I'll give you a  mammoth post with lots of pics from our event. (Leaving the ones possibly nsfw out though.)

All pictures taken by Tuula Ylikorpi, unless else mentioned.
Setting up the space...
Pic by @tlairila

Our stage is ready! And our hunk is posing.
(pic from my Instagram @turrrbocherry)

Here's how glamorous we are pre-show; sound checking.
Pic by Jari B.Miettinen

And then it's showtime!

Crazy-charleston! This is the duo act that we use the vintage kimonos in, that you could see a peek of before.

The students from our Showgirl school were our stage-kittens and assistans for the night. They're  a d o r a b l e.

(Although, have to add because this is so weird; one girl who has missed practice a lot lately arrived 2,5 hours late without letting us now and when we afterwards calmly told her she should have called us, and that it won't be ok in the future to not follow schedule - especially not if the producer is someone else - she flipped ut, fucked us off on Facebook and wrote a post that she quit the group and then unfriended us. A bit of a whoah! But a very lovely bunch nonetheless.)

Gigi does a classic Lucia.

That ends like this. 

Bettie's Russian fairytale.

And Lady Laverna's awesome Marilyn tribute.

Our showgirls also performed their agent number.

Tinker and me checking out our showgirls from the side of the stage (with our glowing flowers :) We're very proud of our girls.

Olivia going flamenco.

Bent as a redneck reindeer. Seriously, I love this guy!

 And here's our young and handsome Holiday Hunk cleaning the stage afterwards.

He got to play Santa as well.

Laverna singing with the singing presents.

Bettie Blackheart was also a Christmas tree... and totally fabulous underneath but perhaps you'll get to see that for ourselves some day.

Gigi Praline and her bananas.

Olivia Rouge does Minnie Mouse.

My colleague and partner-in glitter Tinker Bell, or, for the night; Tinsel Belle.

Bent van der Bleu in the tsar's army, by Jari B.Miettinen.

I also managed to get a new act put together which I premiered there. Hello four am sewing!
(The tiger suit I had made by Tyra Therman though as I could not have managed to put that together myself.)

I really am so glad to be able to work with so many fabulous and great friends and performers (and photographers and light designers and all that)! But I am also very happy right not that this was the last show I'll do this year, the next one won't be until late January. Phew!

And now it's full Christmas mode on. 


Unknown said...

What an amazing time! You all look fabulous (and those fellas are quite dreamy!)

Julie Halleck said...

Just precious!!!
You gals are so beautiful and naural....hot hot mamas!!!!

Nadja Art said...

Very nice photo collection of the event! I had the most wonderful time in the audience :) You two did a very good job as producers!

satu said...

It was a fabulous, awesome show all together!
Thank you <3

salonsalut said...

As a "hidden" but longtime reader I really enjoy your blog an I´ve never thought that i´m gonna write a comment but there´s no rule. So I thought of you when i saw this and may be you know and / or you like it. Much fun with that hairy thing: