Saturday 7 December 2013


A little bit after in schedule perhaps (I like to make the most out of the waiting-for-Christmas-season) but I've finally managed to start hanging up lights here and there.

First up where some lights around the kitchen window. I usually keep it rather low key but have  some more things and blings, one a day, for a few days ahead to put up.
But now on to other matters -

Dress-matters! This one here is a new acquaintance, a soft and rather comfy repro day dress with a gathered skirt that has a lot of oomph-to it also without a petticoat.
My first thought was that it belonged on a sunny day with bike rides and and espadrille wedges on it's way to a summer picnic but then at a second look the print is also rather kitchen-y so to say, so I think it suits the season quite well too! Because, for me, kitchens and Christmas has this kind of own special bond. (And you may recall me mentioning that it is rather easy to "winterise" summer dresses and layer up a cotton dress to keep you warm enough in the cold, so this one will experience will sweaters and stockings as well, not just summery sun kissed bikerides.)

The dress is the Kitty day dress  from one of my old time favourites, Vivien of Holloway. VoH has a new site that has made it easier to navigate trough, and thus also easier to shop at....

The dress came with a matching scarf and, yes, it has plockets! (Put some pockets on, or wheels under, and you know you have me there).

You've heard me say how I love shirt waist dresses because they are so versatile and comfy; worn at home with flats or slippers (I wear ballet flats at home as we have cold floors) but then again easily dressed up with heels and the rest.

 The scarf can also be worn around the neck for example.

And here's the going-out-version; in heels and the rest.

My cardigan is vintage from Years Since Yesterday and the heart-shoes are Frollein von Sofa's.


Hanna said...

Tänään, tai no eilen kävin katsomassa ekaa kertaa burleskia, koska kaveri oli esiintymässä ekaa kertaa. Kauan olen sinua täällä seurannut ja olipa yllätys kun livenä niinkin läheltä sinut näin, olet upeampi livenä kuin näissä kaikissa kuvissasi yhteensä! =)

T.tyttö siinä eturivissä, Darlingin seurueessa.

Unknown said...

awww... cute!!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Hanna : Oi, kiitos :) Ja Darlingille vielä onnitteluita ensimmäisen keikan johdosta!

obat kaki sering kesemutan said...

abi mah k dieu teh bade ijin nyepam we ah da kumaha deui :D

(Retro) Sonja said...

I love that first photo! And amazing outfit!

XX Sonja

Porcelina said...

I love the print on the dress, very Horrockses, but the shoes... OMG! I just checked the website and they're out of stock in my size, I may weep!!

P xx

Unknown said...

Love the dress!

Maureen said...

The dress is lovely but too young for me, but I went to V of H and ordered 'Runaround Sue' in navy. I am waiting for delivery!!

I've ordered a scarf to wear with it from I have one and it is just lovely.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Porcelina : they also come in a darker color, did you have your size in that? And she will have new shoes with bows out this spring too; they're perfect!

Maureen : oh yes that is such a great dress too, you'll love it, I have it in red :)