Wednesday 4 December 2013


Started taking out some Christmas decorations - gotta glitz things up. (Yes, the pom-poms are making a comeback to delight our two neighbours and the occasional mailman at the door!) Quite funny, Lulu decided her resting place for tonight was next to the lit up soon-to-be balcony lights.

Managed to go via the post office to pick up a parcel with some skin care products I'd run out of just just in time for our sauna night. I got myself some Black African soap and shea butter from Akoma, all natural, Fair Trade and ecological. Can be used for everything on everyone!

Most old buildings have a shared sauna (in newer flats they usually build them in each apartment, aslo in small ones), and our shift is every Tuesday night. We seldom make it, but it's just  a few coins per months so it's not the end of the world. Tonight however I did. And I just grab my can of coconut oil and the black liquid soap and I'm good to go; that's all I need for far body and hair. Easy.

Eddi is with the boys at the farm with the lambs for the evening so I had a late dinner by myself, a bucket of salad and the newest interior mag (lots of grey and white and veneer in this one too...)

I didn't go out to the farm tonight because I had my nails done. I wanted them Christmas crazy. So they got glitter and Christmas roses and all. Originally I had thought of something a bit different with other kind of glitter and roses and such but I've noticed there is always this small language barrier at the salon. Well, they're fun (even though monsieur thought they look "a bit messy")! And they are very Mistle Tease, and that's what they are for.

And oh did I say Mistle Tease? Well why yes, and go get your tickets in time because they are -wohoo- selling rather well!


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