Thursday 20 October 2016


I went to a Octoberfest-themed party in the weekend and dressed inspired by myself in 1983.

(Even though I remembered my tiny dirndl had the colours the other way around, with a red skirt.)

I did not have that much time to put together an outfit and also wanted one just inspired by the look of a dirndl, not to create one. But if there's a next time I'll sew myself a pair of high waisted lederhosen-inspired suspender shorts (or skirt) instead!

This is a selfmade skirt and the waistcoat/corselette is one I use on stage as part of a very differently themed outfit.

This was also a great opportunity to get to use one of my petticoats! I seldom wear them nowadays.
I should go to parties more often I guess (not just perform at them).


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! Really suits you, esspecilly with the set up that it's shot in :)
Kinga x

Sara Kristiina said...

Mahtava asukokonaisuus!

Radostin said...

Wow, your son looks just like you as a littlun!

Unknown said...

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