Saturday 15 October 2016


It does not take much longer than a hair wash for your child to decorate himself throughly.
And when your own canvas is not enough anymore you will want to continue onto the next one - Dag thus gave me a foot tattoo that he got a little eager with and extended onto my leg.

I noticed the kid had managed to "tattoo" himself on the neck as well. Rather impressive, I'd say.

So much concentration.

So now I have a leg full of ninjas.

And Dag has them on his arms and chest as well. Plus in the face.
Time to pour up a bath I think.


ASM said...

great tattoo artist ha ha

propahmedabad said...

Making Tattoo is such a nice art. I love it and even I have three tattos on my body. One on my Bicep, another on my neck and the third one on my back. I love this art.

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