Saturday, 31 August 2013


At the end of summer you get this sad, perhaps even slightly desperate feeling when evening falls that every night could be the last night of summer, the last night one can go out in bare legs and bare arms and light shoes.  That night might even have gone by by now; the evenings feel more chilly already...  This also is the last official weekend of summer with September around the corner already. The summers always go by too fast...

But no need for melancholia - one more summer night, one more chance still to go to a party with flowers in the hair! (Alright, there are indeed as many chances as one likes all year round, this just seemed like a good caption.)

I've developed a thing for yellow accessories. Plus warm earthy colors always become more welcoming this time of year anyway.

This lace top dress is one of the items I got to choose as a gift from Sheinside. 

I guess you'd be able to style it quite modern would you like to do so, but I went after something old and timeless, more antique than retro.

I like the combo of white and yellow, although I also (secretly) think it reminds me of eggs.
So the other parts of my egg-party-outfit were my yellow heels, a yellow clutch (also from Sheinside) and an old bracelet from Pilgrim.  I've made the hair flower myself out of an interior flower and some beads left over from a costume of mine.

Time for paper lanterns in the tree and lots of wine!


Anonymous said...

the dress is wonderful you make it look very art nouveau with all the accesories. the egg comment made me LOL

Anonymous said...

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Apostle Martha said...