Thursday 15 November 2012


A good thing about going trough old blog posts is that you can re-dioscover items in your wardrobe that you had forgot about. At least in mine, as I tend to go for items periodically. And some items at the bottom of my drawers in the bed room manage to stay pretty well hidden. Also, making my way to the closet / mini storage room in the study (which has sort of become the place where the rest of my belonings go to die.) past all the paper work and burledsque bags and amost-there scene costumes is a task I have been avoiding. Stuff are hidden and forgotten in there. (Or, rather, I've been avoiding the task to clean the mess in front of the closet but I guess I will just be forced to do so, well, soon. Ish.)

But today as I browsed back I was reminded of some pieces and I went for an exact remake of a combo I wore three and a half years ago the last time.

Dag got to replace Lulu in the pictures though. And the fringe is faux, as you know. Updated version.

Oh, oh, and I have to add, and the beret is also another, a new one. Which is sort of a big thing in some dimension somewhere as the original one had been with me for half of my life. Do you have any accessory or other wearable item you've had for a very very long time?

I have lots of outfits I do in the same way several times and as many combinations I've only wore once. This one is not that special per se but I think I haven't even worn this dress since I did the post above, in ehrm, 2009...

Maybe that would be a sign to get rid of this dress but I had kept it with the thought it'd be good as a maternity dress.

I did not use it when I was pregnant. 

I think I forgot that I had thought of it or something. Well whatevs. Next time around then.

But browsing trough again, turns out I have worn the dress once since spring 2009, here, the whole shabadang in 2010. Well yey! And another yey! Because that just gave me a "new" jacket too; I had forgotten about the one in the picture. (The first world club cheers.)

So I made my way trough the study of horrors and pluck out the jacket - perfect for the cold nasty season.
Thank you, me.

Btw here's how the posing continued. Someone needs more attention than the blog and the camera.
Of course.

But. Why was I going trough old posts?
I do that sometimes, the blog works sort of as a diary for me. This time however it was to pick out pictures for a lecture on vintage inspired style and styling I am holding tonight at Arbis. At 18:05 in the library, if interested.


Roxy said...

Look at the blonde, blonde hair...seems like so long ago!

Dag's getting to be a lil chunky monkey, so big!

Mancunian Vintage said...

What a stylish ensemble - and lovely pics!

Maja said...

I love the last picture;) I remember that dress so well - you were on your way to the doctor back in 09 right? I don't know why but that set is just stuck in my brain - perhaps because that was one of the first posts you posted after I began following you (without sounding like a stalker;) and it still works perfectly;)

(Retro) Sonja said...

I have the same thing! I tend to wear items for a period of time and then forget about them to re-discover them at a later time again. I love the outfit! The dress is beautiful. And you gave me inspiration on another way of wearing my berert! I'm wearing one on my blog today as well!


Kelly said...

Haha the 3rd photo down is so funny of Dag, he's like 'hey MUM! what about ME! hellooooooo!' <3

Ashlee (from Maryland, USA) said...

I love the updated picture, I can't get over how gorgeous you look!

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Unknown said...

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