Thursday 22 November 2012


Most of you know by now that I have a huge sweet tooth. I could probably eat cake until I'd die. Really.
Of course, I could wave goodbye to my wardrobe if I'd give in to my sweet cravings all the time. But, after Dag was born I've been making more sweets than usual while still getting rid of that 20kg of baby chump, since I've just ditched the sugar and used dates and other dried fruits more instead.
I've always been a huge fan of dates in all forms. I could probably eat those 'til I'd die too!

Here are my top-five easy to make sweets that still are so healthy you could have them breakfast just as well. Which I do. These are all vegan, and basically raw:

The creamy chocolate mousse on avocado. You can read the recipe in this post. You can freeze this to get a sort-of ice cream, although I prefer this as a mousse.

Fig fudge. I've been making a big square out of this and cut slices for breakfast, sometime with peanut butter and/or apple slices on. I've also added  sea buckthorn powder to the batch, it brings a great sour vibe to the fudge. You could add some lemon peel as well. Or cinammon and other spices for Christmas! Find the recipe here.

Frozen pineapple mash. This is somethings I make in summer if it's very hot, as the cold base for a smoothie or just as a sherbet-like snack. Mash fresh pineapple in the mixer and blend with a few spoons of water or fruit juice - or use mashed pineapple from a can instead (I mostly used canned). Put in the freezer for a couple of hours so that the fruit is between chilled and frozen. Ridiculously simple but better than you'd expect. That of course depends on what you expect but yeah yeah you get the point.

Cocoa-coconut balls. It's really common over here to make candy balls of butter, sugar, oatmeal, cocoa and coconut. Every bake sale or school disco has them. My mom always made coconut balls for New Year's, rolling them in sliver folio. We called them Bobos. I don't know where that name came from. Anyway, here's how to make Bobo's vol 2.0:
1 part hazel nuts (or hazelnuts and almonds)
1 part sun flower seeds
1 part dates, soak them a while if they are very dry
coconut flakes
cocoa powder
cold pressed coconut oil
Amaranth pop, real vanilla powder

Mix the nuts and the seeds into a chunky paste in a mixer or bullet. The past does not have to be completely smooth. Add the dates and mix some more. If the mix is too dry and crumbly or not sweet enough you can add some more dates (it depends so much on what kind of dates you use). Put the paste in a bowl and add the cocoa powder. How much depends on how strong and dark you want them to be. Add a teaspoon or two of the coconut oil and some coconut flakes. I sometimes add some popped amaranth too, and vanilla powder. Roll into balls and roll the balls in coconut flakes, put in the fridge for some hours before eating.

Last but not least; berry ice cream! By mixing frozen berries with a very ripe banana you get a super creamy ice cream. I use about half a bag (100g) of frozen berries for one banana and blend with a hand mixer. Super easy, very good!

You can also spice the ice cream up with some cashew cream (cashews mixed with some water and a pear, 2dl cashews for one small pear) and cocoa nibs on top.

Obviously this was only the top five. We could count up twenty too . And beyond...


Unknown said...

i'm definately gonna try to make the fudge. :)

Unknown said...

These all look so yummy! You've got some great recipes - thanks for putting them on here!

Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

Oh mine... I had to try the mousse - that was great... and heavy... Had to make ice cream from most of it, because that will take aaaages to eat. But oh mine, that was gooooooood!

Sales, Smiles and Styles said...

I'm moving our into a place of my own soon-I cannot wait to have control over what I eat and cook-these are top of my list to try!

Grande Mama said...

Bobos was the name on the bag of dried coconut flakes a loooong tile ago, hence the name for the sweets because it sounded fun

Andrea said...

Oh that berry ice cream looks fantastic! That I will definitely have to try