Monday 5 November 2012


Last Friday we went to a Dia de los Muertos-themed Halloween party. And you know how I love theme parties. And Halloween! As the party was over at Studio Blank where for example Atelieri O. Haapala (and PinUp Helsinki) resides there where of course fab photos of the great skeletons.
Here are a few lovely.

Our host for the evening.

And hostess.

Itty-Bitty Kitty and her skelet.



Former Bitty Aiju. Who as you can see, looks a lot like I did in early June. Belly wise.
Which is a Yey-thing since I have very few friends with babies.

Our skeleton-family!
My skirt is the one from BooBooKitty Couture, the top from Vivien of Holloway and the look-alike corset is from a very old Bitty number, made by Kitty there a few photos up.

All photos by Team Muertos.

Alright well, enough of the skeletons and Halloween, it just to bring on the Glühwein, gingerbreads and candles now, right?


Sarah said...

Such wonderful photos and friends! It all looks so professional! I love this time of year, first halloween and then christmas! :) x

Starling said...

These photos are fantabulous. My favorite is by far the charmingly preggo Aiju. A part of me wishes she'd rocked a little skull or something on the tummy, but that's kind of a creepy notion. Probably best that she didn't. I designed a Day of the Dead bridal shower once, and spent most of my time designing it, when not worrying about fonts, trying to figure out it it was the most amazing thing ever, or in extraordinarily bad taste. ...Anyway, I love your blog! Such loveliness, all in one place.

Marloes said...

Great pictures and everyone is really nicely dressed. The little baby looks so cute! <3

little said...

you guys went all out. looks awesome!

romantically challenged

Anonymous said...

Your post made me totally happy. Not just because of the wonderful pictures, but two things you mentioned: Itty-Bitty Kitty was the name of my Grammy's old cat and Boo Boo Kitty was the nickname for my sister's old cat. (Boo Boo's real name was Snicklefritz.) Happy memories!

Tasha said...

Wonderful costumes, all of them! But I love your family portrait the best. ;)

Kelly said...

Love it :) Also, hurrah for oncoming gingerbreads, tho must admit I already made some in September because I made mini gingerbread houses for a kid's party themed "dessert club" I go to with my friends :) obviously there was enough dough left over to make some to eat with tea and get excited for christmas!!

Play Bingo said...

Those are all so really nice and creative! I have seen a lot of tattoos here from where I am and I find them very pretty!

Natalia L. said...

Wow!!! Everyone look amazing!!!
And what an awesome family portrait, I would hang it on the wall!

Girls that glitter love the dark

tanïa said...

Fantastic!! Never seen such beautiful skeletons! The Adam's Family is damned boring compared by all of you!! ;-)